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Is psoriasis curable?



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Unfortunately, psoriasis cannot yet be cured. There are good treatment options, however, which give even severely affected patients the chance to live without aggravating skin lesions.
Psoriasis generally develops slowly and stays for a lifetime. It is a relapsing-remitting condition, but never entirely disappears during the non-flaky phases. Typical triggers for relapses include sunburn, skin damage, change in climate, medication, smoking and stress.
In a small number of patients, the psoriasis completely disappears without medication – this means that their bodies’ own defence mechanisms have beaten the psoriasis. This is an exception, however. For patients with mild psoriasis, an intensive skin treatment can successfully improve skin flakiness and redness.
For patients with relatively severe or very severe psoriasis, there is now effective medication available – so-called “biologics”, or biopharmaceuticals. These curb the overactivity of the immune system, and have significantly improved psoriasis treatment in recent years.
Psoriasis patients can also positively influence their health by stopping smoking, limiting their alcohol consumption and losing weight if necessary. A healthy lifestyle is good for the skin.

Dr Susann Beetz of the Ideas 2020 team answered this question.