Moscow10.02. - 15.03.2015

Polytechnic Museum, All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VDNKh), Pavilion 26

A review

Pavillon 26, WDNCh, Moskau, Foto: Rene´HartmannThe opening ceremony of the exhibition took place on 10 February 2015 in Pavilion 26 at the premises of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VDNKh).

Welcoming speeches were given by Prof. Jürgen Mlynek, President of the Helmholtz Association, and Natalia Sergievskaya, Deputy Director General at Moscow’s Polytechnic Museum. The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev sent a greetings telegram which was read to the guests.

The Helmholtz Association’s Moscow office coordinated one of the categories in this year’s „Freunde der deutschen Sprache“ (“Friends of the German Language”) competition. Children aged four drew pictures of Hermann von Helmholtz and his inventions, while older children and teenagers wrote about how they imagine the future. Two of the winners were announced and presented with their prizes during the opening ceremony.

The Polytechnic Museum organised a small exhibition on the life and work of Hermann von Helmholtz. On display were essays by Helmholtz from historic books, and instruments that were developed on the basis of his discoveries and inventions.

The exhibition ran until 15 March 2015 and welcomed a total of about 13,000 visitors.










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Media response

TV Kultura: Ideas 2020 – Technologies for the Future (in Russian)

1TV: Technologies of the Future in the Polytechnic Museum (in Russian)

Entries in the visitors’ book

VogelperspektiveI very much enjoyed the exhibition. The most interesting thing was hitting the sugar punch bag. Thank you for this remarkable exhibition! Effrosinia

The exhibition is interesting. We learned lots of useful information about how ideas for the future come about. Thank you to the organisers! Ainura

It has all been presented in a very interesting way! The exhibition is astonishing! Wika

I am very glad that science is tackling such topics. It is very entertaining. I’d like to see more exhibitions like this one! Buschee

Visitors’ questions

In Moscow visitors asked among other these questions:

“When is the world going to end?” Please read the answer here.

“Will there be a cure for all the diseases in the world?” Please read the answer here.

“Could there be flying cities in the near future? Or might we soon be living in space?” Please read the answer here.

“When will we be able to experience virtual reality?” Please read the answer here.

“What jobs might there be in the future that do not exist today?” Please read the answer here.

“When will it be possible to replace people entirely with robots?” Please read the answer here.

“Could humans become immortal in the future?” Please read the answer here.

“Is psoriasis curable?” Please read the answer here.

“How long has space existed? How did the universe come into being? How old is our solar system?” Please read the answer here.

“Is there life on Mars? Is there life on other planets? Is there life in other galaxies?” Please read the answer here.

“Is it possible to make an artificial leaf?” Please read the answer here.