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How many electric cars are going to be built?



Photo: Kai Abresch / Innovationszentrum für Mobilität und gesellschaftlichen Wandel (InnoZ) GmbH

There are currently around 46 million cars on Germany’s roads. Only around 75,000 of these are powered by electricity – they are either electric cars or hybrids. In their coalition agreement of 2013, the partners in Germany’s grand coalition government pledged to put one million such vehicles on Germany’s roads by 2020. In order to reach this target, more than 900,000 electric cars have yet to be built – and, what is more, bought and driven – instead of cars that run on petrol or diesel. That is around 132,000 per year. This goal is revealed as particularly ambitious when we consider that of the 2.95 million new car registrations in 2013 only 26,500 were hybrids and a mere 6,000 electric cars. We now need to assess what is stopping drivers from switching to electric vehicles and then to react appropriately to the findings.

Dr Susann Beetz of the Ideas 2020 team answered this question.