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When will a vaccine for cytomegalovirus come on the market?




Photo: Ed Uthman, CC BY 2.0

Cytomegaloviruses (CMV) cause cytomegaly. In 99 percent of cases, the primary infection produces few or no symptoms and the viruses remain in the human cells for a lifetime. During pregnancy, a CMV infection can be transmitted to the unborn child and cause serious harm. There are currently no vaccines to prevent infection with the virus. In 2009, a pilot study showed that a vaccine for CMV protects women of reproductive age from becoming newly infected with an efficacy rate of 50 percent. Ideally, the efficacy and compatibility of the vaccine should go on to be verified in a Phase III study. It cannot be predicted if and when this vaccine, or others that are being developed, will be put on the market.

Saskia Blank of the Ideas 2020 team answered this question. Further information can be found here (in German).