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When will there be a cure for all cancer types?



Photo: DKFZ, Dagmar Anders

The outcome of many cancer treatments could be further improved if we were able to detect the disease at an earlier stage. Intensive research is therefore underway to improve diagnostic methods for early detection. There are also numerous initiatives aimed at improving the existing detection methods that are provided as part of cancer-screening programmes governed by government regulation, and to better inform people about the available options.
But there will probably never be a single medicine or method that is equally effective for all cancer patients. The individual forms of cancer are just too varied. However, much progress has been made in treatment techniques thanks to new research findings on characterising tumours more precisely. A “personalised therapy” approach is now being developed.

Dr Regine Hagmann of the Cancer Information Service (KID) answered this question.
For further in-depth information on the topic, please visit the Cancer Information Service at the German Cancer Research Center websites (available in German only):

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