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How much electricity does this exhibition consume?




Photo: Katarina Friese

The exhibition consumes a total of 2.75 kW of electricity. Given a hypothetical duration of ten hours per day for 365 days a year, the exhibition would consume roughly 7,157 kWh. By way of comparison, a 2011 study by the Energy Agency in North Rhine-Westphalia found that a two-person household consumes approximately 3,248 kWh per year, a three-person household 4,246 kWh, and a four-person household 5,009 kWh. Interestingly, about a quarter of a household’s overall energy consumption is used for information technology and consumer electronics.

This question was answered by Susann Beetz from the Ideas 2020-Team with the support of the staff at BESL GmbH who set up the exhibition.