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I felt quite alarmed when I read the ‘The value of nature’ section’: Are you involved in the privatisation of nature and thus of water?



2009-09-05 - Großer Ursee - 1147

Photo: Astrid Blank

The issue we were discussing was how to put a value on nature, which is not the same as saying we think nature should be privatised, so there appears to be a misunderstanding here.
In illustrating the diverse value of nature ̶ including its economic value ̶ our aim was to promote greater preservation of our limited supply of natural resources. Such preservation can be achieved through a wide range of measures, including conservation and environmental protection laws, and incentives for farmers who use ecological approaches. However, it is also important that companies improve their ecological balance sheets and that countries adopt a system of environmental and economic accounting.

Dr. Irene Ring, Head of the Working Group Conservation of Nature & Biodiversity, of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ in Leipzig answered this question.