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The Exhibition tour is over now. The contect of the Exhibition, however, is still available. We designed an app for iPads as well as for Windows Computers: please find the (Windows) download here

Questions & Answers

Could humans become immortal in the future?Show answer
Is psoriasis curable?Show answer
How long has space existed? How did the universe come into being? How old is our solar system?Show answer
Is there life on Mars? Is there life on other planets? Is there life in other galaxies?Show answer
What is the most efficient way of stopping human-induced climate change?Show answer
Are we prepared for a changing climate?Show answer
Is it possible to make an artificial leaf?Show answer
Will perpetual motion be possible in the future, e.g. using magnets?Show answer
Will travel agencies still exist in the future?Show answer
Does a Christmas tree contain energy?Show answer
When will the next ice age occur?Show answer
Are there already medicines that contain nanoparticles?Show answer
Why do we age?Show answer
Can a vegetarian diet provide all the nutrients that are found in meat and fish?Show answer
Will there be as many horses in the future as there are now?Show answer
Why don’t we all speak the same language?Show answer
How tall is the world’s tallest building currently in planning?Show answer
Can Ebola, which is currently incurable, be compared with the plague?Show answer
When will it be possible to replace people entirely with robots?Show answer
Will we face a global water shortage in the future?Show answer
What was the very first life form and how did it originate?Show answer
Is it true that you can also develop allergies after birth?Show answer
Will the sun really explode in 30 million years’ time?Show answer
Will time machines that use the curvature of spacetime ever exist?Show answer
When will there be a 3D printer capable of printing human organs?Show answer
Will there soon be another terrible disease like the plague?Show answer
Can the human body withstand travelling at the speed of light?Show answer
Will CCTV systems soon replace conductors and guards on local trains?Show answer
Can an app still access your data after you have uninstalled it?Show answer
Will holodecks exist in the future?Show answer
How does an Altbau (old) building differ from a Neubau (new) building?Show answer
Will we ever be able to use telepathy?Show answer
Can global warming affect the breeding behaviour of birds?Show answer
Who sponsors the exhibition?Show answer
How can you prevent yourself from developing Alzheimer’s?Show answer
What is a cheese analogue?Show answer
What is Germany’s Energiewende?Show answer
Is it possible to disconnect a smart-home control system from the internet and run it via an internal communications system so that only certain devices can access it?Show answer
How much carbon does biomass emit?Show answer
How can we stop cells becoming cancerous?Show answer
Is it true that Iceland has a kind of “underfloor heating” under its high streets? If so, how does it work?Show answer
How can network thinking be brought into the classroom?Show answer
What effect will the fourth industrial revolution and all its new technologies have on Germany as a centre of industry?Show answer
What will the transport planning of the future be like?Show answer
Are volcanic eruptions, including the heat and ash clouds they produce, considered in climate change calculations?Show answer
How long does a photovoltaic cell last?Show answer
When will the global population start to decline?Show answer
Not all cancer screening tests seem to make sense. Shouldn’t people be receiving better information so they can make their own decisions?Show answer
How do I secure my computer against outside threats?Show answer
How much energy does it take to build a photovoltaic cell?Show answer
When will we be able to teleport?Show answer
How many electric cars are going to be built?Show answer
How many people can the Earth hold?Show answer
How can the global population be fed in the future?Show answer
What age might a human being attain in 2060?Show answer
What does “sustainable” actually mean?Show answer
How does a mobile phone work?Show answer
How can I protect myself from GM foods?Show answer
Will we soon be living in the cloud?Show answer
Is there any neurological evidence that sensory overload and our use of new media is changing our brains?Show answer
Why should we only eat 300 to 600 grams of meat a week?Show answer
What jobs might there be in the future that do not exist today?Show answer
What is biomass?Show answer
How does the electronic patient record work?Show answer
What’s the difference between cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things?Show answer
Are people being made to feel lonelier by the growing use of social networks? What developments can be expected if children today have no real friends (only Facebook friends), and if online chat replaces conversation?Show answer
Will stem cell research on humans be allowed in Germany in the future?Show answer
How does a touchscreen work?Show answer
How much should a 12 year old drink in a day?Show answer
How many hamsters running in their wheels would it take to provide a household with electricity?Show answer
When will a vaccine for cytomegalovirus come on the market?Show answer
What new opportunities are there for young people?Show answer
Will we still have winter in ten years’ time?Show answer
When will we start populating other planets?Show answer
How can Germany re-establish its position in the solar cell market?Show answer
Will we still have to work in the future?Show answer
I find it hard to imagine how a robotic arm could be controlled by the user’s thoughts. How does the robotic arm connect to the brain?Show answer
What’s the best way of storing electricity from photovoltaic systems for private consumption?Show answer
Will planes ever run on electricity?Show answer
Will we have flying cars in the future?Show answer
When will the radioactive waste from Fukushima reach us?Show answer
What will change in the education sector?Show answer
How can we save electricity?Show answer
How many nuclear power plant meltdowns would it take to contaminate the whole earth?Show answer
What happens to nanocarriers once they’ve delivered their cargo to the cell? How does the cell get rid of them?Show answer
What will Germany’s economic situation be like in 20 years’ time?Show answer
How does the nitrogen in a superconducting cable stay cold enough?Show answer
How does superconductivity work?Show answer
Can the human brain cope with a constant stream of media and the constant need to multitask? Could Industry 4.0, for example, bombard us with too much information at the same time?Show answer
What is entropy?Show answer
How harmful is sugar for the body?Show answer
How will we build muscle in the future?Show answer
What is the greenhouse effect?Show answer
When will synthetic meat be available in the supermarkets?Show answer
Will personalised medicine be affordable?Show answer
What is free energy?Show answer
Will it ever be possible to prevent cancer altogether?Show answer
When will there be a cure for all cancer types?Show answer
Which types of cancer can be cured?Show answer
What should our daily diet be?Show answer
When will we be able to experience virtual reality?Show answer
Could there be flying cities in the near future? Or might we soon be living in space?Show answer
Will an increase in the human lifespan reveal new diseases that we have never encountered?Show answer
Will we ever be disease-free?Show answer
Do we know the cause of all diseases, or at least most diseases?Show answer
How many electric cars will be on the road in Germany in 2020?Show answer
Some bacteria eat radioactive material. Why don’t they die and when will we be able to start making use of them?Show answer
Won’t a magnesium car turn back into magnesium powder when it gets too hot?Show answer
What if machines and computers decide to replace humans, considering us outdated and inefficient subcomponents?Show answer
Will the film I, Robot ever become a reality?Show answer
When will the tiger mosquito arrive in Germany?Show answer
Will there be a cure for all the diseases in the world?Show answer
When is the world going to end?Show answer
Can we control the amount of green electricity being produced so that it keeps pace with consumer demand?Show answer
Which of the renewable energy technologies will win out over the rest?Show answer
How will we travel in the future? How fast will we be jetting around the world?Show answer
How much electricity does this exhibition consume?Show answer
Are we really going to keep living longer, or will our unhealthy lifestyles lead us back to a shorter life expectancy in the medium term?Show answer
Why are electric cars viewed so positively when so much primary energy is involved in their manufacture? Surely we should be doing everything we can to preserve these resources.Show answer
Will there ever be a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, or a way to prevent it?Show answer
Is the FreshAirWall ventilation system already commercially available and, if so, who is distributing it?Show answer
Can you die of Alzheimer’s disease?Show answer
Does an electric car use more energy than a petrol car?Show answer
When will electric cars take off commercially? Will they ever actually manage it?Show answer
Are developing countries cancelling out the environmental gains that developed countries are making with their use of green and energy-saving technologies?Show answer
How cross-linked will the “medicine of the future” be?Show answer
Why aren’t we all using algae biofuel?Show answer
Why is nuclear power so controversial?Show answer
Which is better, nuclear energy or solar energy?Show answer
Could we use cold fusion as a decentralised way to power our homes?Show answer
Does memory loss occur with all forms of dementia?Show answer
Is there any relationship between the light intensity from an incandescent light bulb (tungsten bulb) and cancer or cancer-like effects?Show answer
What is next after lean production? What will the manufacturing systems of the future look like?Show answer
Will we soon be mining the seabed?Show answer
What are cyber-physical systems?Show answer
I felt quite alarmed when I read the ‘The value of nature’ section’: Are you involved in the privatisation of nature and thus of water?Show answer
What arguments can be made in favour of implanting RFID chips in people – for example, the elderly – for identification or monitoring purposes?Show answer
The exhibition is free?Show answer
What is the food versus fuel debate?Show answer
Will the content of the exhibition be updated?Show answer
What is a “cloud”?Show answer
What do elephants have to do with industry?Show answer
What is the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia?Show answer
What is “personalised medicine”?Show answer
What is Industry 4.0?Show answer
When will our oil reserves run out?Show answer
What is RFID technology and what is it used for?Show answer
Why can't we use fusion for power supply now? When will it be the case?Show answer
What is a biomarker?Show answer
What does “demographic change” mean?Show answer
In Germany, there are hardly any new buildings planned. Can an old house become an "Efficiency House"?Show answer
What is "light polution"?Show answer
What is the difference between solar heat and photovoltaics? Which technology will become more established?Show answer
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Ideas 2020 reached the last stop

The tour of the exhibition “Ideas 2020” is now over. Alltogether more than 80,000 people visited the exhibition. Thanks to all for the interest and the great feedback! Now, “Ideas 2020” reached its last stop. Since October 2nd 2015, it is displayed in a building for kids and young adults for learning, collecting experiences and get an idea about the working world in Wolfen